ASEAN Leaders’ Conference
3 february 2018

The ASEAN Leader’s Conference 2018 was organised by the United Kingdom-Singapore Students’ Council. It aims to bring together young leaders from across ASEAN to discuss issues facing ASEAN today, and to come up with solutions for the problems of tomorrow.

The conference this year consisted of a Panel Discussion, followed by group discussion and presentations by the participants. The topics were centred around the ASEAN economy and identity, as well as giving back to society.

Our guest of honour this year was Ms. Foo Chi Hsia, High Commissioner of the Republic of Singapore to the UK. Panelists for the Panel Discussion were Ms. Ketsuda Supradit, Minister (Economic and Financial) for the UK and Europe from the Royal Thai Embassy in London, Mr. Mohd. Suhaimi Jaafar, Deputy High Commissioner of the High Commission of Malaysia in London, as well as Dr. Alan Collins, Senior Lecturer on International Relations from Swansea University.

The Conference was held on 3rd February 2018, and welcomed a total of 50 student leaders from across ASEAN to attend. We would like to thank all those who participated, and those who helped us in one way or another.

Here’s wishing ASEAN a great 2018!

Upcoming event:
ASEAN Leaders’ Conference 2018

Hello Members!
We have some good news!
The ASEAN Leaders’ Conference 2018 (ALC) is coming up!

This is the United Kingdom Singapore Students’ Council’s (UKSSC) Flagship Event for 2018, in collaboration with the Singapore High Commission of London. The aim of the ALC 2018 is to build relations, share experiences and discuss opportunities for cooperation amongst student leaders across ASEAN.

Participants will take part in a Panel Discussion with Panelists well-versed in ASEAN matters, which aims to educate young leaders about the importance of ASEAN unity, developing an ASEAN identity, and to highlight the importance of giving back to society. They will then prepare a presentation on a topic of choice, for the closing ceremony. Tea will be provided.

Date: 3rd February 2018
Time: 1.30 PM to 6.30 PM
Venue: Singapore High Commission in London

Our panelists for the panel discussion this year are:

Ms. Ketsuda Supradit
Minister (Economic and Financial) for the UK and Europe
Royal Thai Embassy in London

Aside from Ministerial role, Ms. Ketsuda Supradit is also a board member at the Association of Economic Representatives in London. She also previously held positions such as Director of ASEAN Fiscal and Financial Policy Bureau in the Ministry of Finance, Thailand, and was also a Speaker at the Warwick ASEAN Conference 2017.

Mr. Mohd Suhaimi Jaafar
Deputy High Commissioner
High Commission of Malaysia to the UK

Before taking on his current role as Deputy High Commissioner, Mr. Mohd. Suhaimi Jaafar was the Deputy Director General of the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia.

Dr. Alan Collins
Senior Lecturer, Swansea University

Before joining Swansea University in 1999, Dr. Collins was a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, where he also completed his PhD. His specialist subjects include Strategic studies, Security studies and Southeast Asia. He has published extensively on Southeast Asian security and ASEAN in particular. He is also the editor of Contemporary Security Studies, a leading textbook on international security now in its third edition published by Oxford University Press.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ng Si Hong ( or Rachel Loke (

See you all there! 🙂

Handover Ceremony
18 November 2017

Dear Members,

UKSSC had our Handover Ceremony at High Commission of Singapore in London with High Commissioner Ms Foo Chi Hsia as our Guest of Honor.
Having been in the 19th Executive Committee, it has been a pleasure and honor to serve with them and we have accomplished many things during the 19th term.
As I continue to lead the 20th Executive Committee, we would be striving to create a bona fide Singapore Student Community across the UK. We will be organizing our flagship and regional events for Singaporeans both in the UK and Singapore.
This is UKSSC’s 20th batch and as we embark on a new decade of Singaporean student leaders throughout UK, we fully intend to make it a memorable one.
We would like to introduce our newly revamp website at . Further, we have created our Instagram account (@TheUKSSC) too! Be sure to also sign up to our newsletter. Through our social media platforms, we will be posting events and news of UKSSC and partner societies and organisations.
Lastly, we hope you will continue to support the UKSSC.

Thank you.

Rachel Loke
20th Executive Committee
The United Kingdom-Singapore Students’ Council (UKSSC)

AGM 2017
27 AUGUST 2017

Dear members, the UKSSC would like to thank all our very supportive partner societies who turned up and participated in our Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017. We would also like to congratulate our 20th Executive Committee on their appointment. Here’s wishing them a wonderful year ahead!

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Singaporeans in Conversation
19 AUGUST 2017

Singaporeans in Conversation (SginC) is an annual panel discussion organised by the United Kingdom-Singapore Students’ Council (UKSSC), to reach out to and raise awareness about the organisation, and what they do. The first edition, which was held last year, touched on the topic ‘Beyond SG50: A New Social Contract?’

This year’s edition was held on 19 August at the S&P Global office in Marina Bay Financial Centre, and was attended by close to 50 attendees. It featured three panel members, including Mr Teo Eng Dih, Senior Director (Climate Change) at the Prime Minister’s Office, and Mr Wilson Ang, Executive Director of Global Compact Network Singapore, which is the national society that promotes corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Singapore.

Discussions were centered on the topic of ‘Politics in Climate Change’, where panelists explored how climate change has become a facet of international politics, the implications it has on international relations, and also on the climate change policies that have been put in place both at home and abroad.

“The session helped to clarify some of the implemented policies and engineering rationales behind certain infrastructures in Singapore, and how they would be affected if the country experiences drastic climate change. There were also a few other questions raised from the audience to the panelists, such as how Singapore could do more to reduce the usage of, and increase the recycling of plastic bags.” said Yu Thet Wai, UKSSC’s General Secretary (19th Executive Committee), adding, “We are elated and honoured to have been a part of planning and organising this educational event.”

The UKSSC will next be organising an ‘All Scots Weekend’ trip for their Scotland-based members from 27-28 October, co-organising Singapore Community Day in London on 28 October, and preparing for the new executive committee handover.

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Youth leaders ball 2017
4 March 2017

The UKSSC Annual Youth Leaders’ Ball was held on the 4th of March 2017 in the Copthorne Tara Hotel London. Executive committee members of Singaporean Societies in various universities came together for a night of fun and laughter! It was a great success and we would like to thank The Overseas Singaporean Unit for their support in this event!

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