My Weekly Kopi-O!


My Weekly Kopi-O is a weekly newsletter issued by the UKSSC to all its members in its mailing list. It is an all-new revamped initiative that kickstarted in November 2013.

What does it include?

The newsletter includes:

1. Information about UKSSC and its Partner Organisations’ events

2. Regional news from UK-wide Singapore Societies organised into six regions – Greater London, Midlands, Scotland, The South, The North and Affiliated Student Organisations

3. Special columns for UK-wide events such as Singapore Day 2014 and HCOSG Chinese New Year Carnival

4. Feature section that includes:

a) Collaboration – Features a Singapore Society each week

b) Conversation – Features either an alumni member who graduated from the UK or a current student

c) Commotion – Updates on Singapore news

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