Inter-Singapore Society Dota 2 League Season 2

Dota poster

The UKSSC and the Nottingham Singpore Society are elated to announce Season 2 of the Inter-Singapore Society Dota 2 League (ISSD2L)!
Please note that unlike Season 1, this academic year’s ISSD2L will be tied in with the annual Nottingham Winter Games (NWG). The finals of this season’s ISSD2L will be played on the 14th of November

, concurrently with NWG. (although finalists have the option of playing prior to the finals)

The top three teams will win points for their society for the Nottingham Winter Games, similar to any other sport which is played on the day itself. May I remind everyone that the overall champions for last year’s NWG are UCL and KCL because KCL won DotA!

All interested teams and avid DotA players are to sign-up through their local Singapore Society!

Some important details are as follows:
1. Registration opens NOW and closes at 2359hrs on 17th October 2015 (Saturday).
2. The finals will be played in the morning/afternoon on the 14th of November 2015 or prior to this date online.
3. The tournament will consist of a group stage, followed by a single elimination (No loser bracket) knock-out stage.
4. Registration fee is £25 per team. Each Singsoc has been given an inforpack on how to register and the registration form. Any issues regarding this can be directed to
5. Each team are to consist of 5 players and an optional stand-in. Each society can send in as many teams as they wish.
6. Each team will be requested to play 2 games a week with the date and time of each match at the discretion of the team captains. (i.e. Captains may decide when they want to have their match so as long as they meet the 2 games a week deadline by the admins)

Prize Pool

The prize pool shall consist of the money from our sponsor and each sign-up fee.

The prize pool breakdown for the D2L is as follows:

Less than 8 teams participating
First place: £150 cash
Second place: £50 cash

8 or more teams participating
First place: £175 cash*
Second place: £75 cash*

16 or more teams participating
First place: £250 cash*
Second place: £150 cash*
Third place: £50 cash*

*All figures given are the minimum prizes offered. Prizes will increase based on number of sign-ups. (Each sign-up adds £25 to the prize pool)

Don’t miss your chance for glory! Sign-up now!!!