UKSSC Subsidy Scheme

Hello fellow students, welcome to the application page for the UKSSC Subsidy Scheme.

Objective of UKSSC Subsidy Scheme
The subsidy scheme was launched with an aim to increase the cohesion between the many Singapore Societies in the UK and aims to support such events through funding. This coincides with our aim to create a bona fide student committee within the UK.

General Guidelines and Eligibility Criteria
The following is the tier list which your application will be categorized into. This tier list will determine the maximum amount of subsidy your event can qualify for.

Tier Level No. of Partner Societies/ Attendees Maximum Eligible Subsidies (£)
1 > 10 partner societies OR > 250 Pax 500
2 6 – 9 partner societies OR 200 – 249 Pax 300
3 2 – 5 partner societies OR 125 – 199 Pax 200

Please refer to the following document for further information on eligibility criteria.
Terms and Conditions

How to apply?
Simply fill up the google docs below with the necessary details. Please ensure that these details are accurate as they form the criteria of deciding how much subsidies your event can qualify for. Please note that all applications must be submitted 2 weeks before the event. Any late submissions will automatically receive a rejection.

When will I be notified of a decision?
You will be notified on a decision 5 working days before the date of your event.

When will I receive the subsidies?
The UKSSC Treasurer will liaise with you on the transfer of money via email by 3 working days after your event. This subsidy amount will be sent to you 5 working days after the transfer details have been confirmed.

Who do I contact for clarification?
If you have any further queries, feel free to send us an email. Alternatively, you could contact your Regional Directors.

If you agree and have met the terms and conditions above, please fill up the form here and let your Regional Director know once you have filled it up. We will update you once the reviewing process has been completed.