Elections Results AGM 2015

On behalf of the 17th Executive Committee, we would also like to give a hearty welcome to the newly elected committee. Click on their names or scroll down to view their profiles.

The 18th UKSSC Executive Committee:
President: Gary Chew Kiat Shing
Vice-President (MNS): Leonard Lee Jinzhen
Vice-President (SGL): Yeow Ing Yee
General Secretary: Angelina Yu Mengning
General Treasurer: Sia Zong Xi
Sponsorship Director: Lionel Lieu Lue Yean
Regional Director (ASO): Amanda Ng Si Ying
Regional Director (Greater London): Belinda Chen-Yi Hu
Regional Director (The South): Natasha Ten Huiwen
Regional Director (Scotland): Nicole Chua Ying Ling

*The position of Regional Director (Midlands) and Regional Director (The North) is still ongoing. Do visit our Facebook page here or webpage here for more information.

We believe that the upcoming committee will do their best in serving you from November onwards! Meanwhile, the 17th Executive Committee looks forward to continue working closely with all our Partner Societies and hope to foster better working relationships with all of you in the upcoming year!

18th Committee Profiles

Gary Chew Kiat Shing
Studying at University College London
Position President
Current commitments
  • UKSSC, Regional Director (ASO)
Past commitments
  • RSAF, LTA, Platoon Commander
  • Dunman High Student Council, President
  • International Strategic Council, Director

Action plan for UKSSC in 2015-16:

  • Redefine role & Restructure UKSSC
  • Inter-society Communication & Collaboration
  • Overall representation of UK-based Singaporean students
  • Broad-based financial support
  • Consultative approach with society leaders

Leadership history:

  • UKSSC Regional Director (ASO)
  • RSAF Officer of the Quarter
  • DHS Student Council Executive President
  • ISAC DHAP Foreign Affairs Director


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Leonard Lee Jinzhen
Studying at University of Glasgow (Year 2)
Position Vice President (MNS)
Current commitments
  • UKSSC, Regional Director (Scotland)
Past commitments
  • N/A

As the Vice President (Midlands, The North and Scotland) in the next term of office, I believe that my experience thus far, and passion, will allow me to work closely with all members of the incoming executive committee, in order to build upon what will be entrusted to us by the previous committee.

I have had the privilege of working with outstanding society leaders, civilian contractors, and of course, the current VP for MNS, Teresa as the current and soon-to-be former Regional Director of Scotland. Having been the proverbial “man-in-the-middle”, I believe my understanding of the role of an RD will allow me to effectively manage the RDs of the three regions, while having a realistic level of expectations and standards.

At this point of my term as RD for Scotland, we have established an annual event within the Scottish region that drew participants from all over the UK. The annual two-part Scotland Highlands Tour was a brainchild that only came to fruition with the support and dedication of all RDs who promoted the event, as well as the Partner Societies on the ground.

In terms of leadership, I have had experience in the fields of being a student leader (18th Civics Tutorial Council Welfare Head), and also professionally (Regular Officer in the SAF).  While the lessons learnt from these positions are not all directly transferrable, they have provided me with a more holistic insight towards what it means and takes to lead, and also to serve.

This leads me to my vision for the next committee. Regardless of the composition of the next Executive Committee, I believe that we must continue to be relevant and useful to our partner societies. I chose these two words because they are guided by the desire to serve. By bridging current students with companies, we can provide attachment and internship opportunities, networking, and even subsidies for regional events.  For past students, I hope that UKSSC continues to provide an avenue to remain connected with both their juniors and also the companies that are and will work with us.

Lastly, I wish to forge a closer-knit relationship between the President, Vice-Presidents and the RDs, since it is easy for us to fall through the gap and lose touch with one another outside of UKSSC matters. I believe that enhanced interactions between VPs and the RDs from their region would allow the core group of the Executive Committee to retain the personal touch and simultaneously allow for smoother communication within the Council.


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Yeow Ing Yee
Studying at University of Bristol
Position Vice President (SGL)
Current commitments
  • Bristol Malaysian and Singaporean Student’s Association (MSSA), Vice president
Past commitments
  • Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Track & Field Team, Captain (Girls)
  • Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Cross-Country Team, Vice-Captain (Girls)
  • ACS (Independent), Orientation Group Leader
  • ACS (Independent), Oldham House Level Representative (Girls)

Hi there!

I am Ing Yee from the University of Bristol. Being so far away from home (and the good food), I hope to help my fellow Singaporeans find a community that supports them through the UKSSC. With the help of my trusty RDs, I plan to bring the different partner societies in the ASO, South and Greater London closer together in their regions and provide them with support where needed. I enjoy meeting and talking to people so don’t be afraid to approach me! While I may not be able to help much with the good food part, I hope to make your overseas experience more enjoyable and fulfilling as a whole.

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Angelina Yu Mengning

Studying at University of Nottingham (Year 2)
Running for General Secretary
Current commitments
  • Marketing, Advertisement and Design Society, General Secretary
  • University of Nottingham, Student Ambassador
Past commitments
  • NEA Singapore, Representative Head for Youth Environment day 2013 and YED committee under Terrarium Event
  • Singapore Youth Corp, Volunteer member
  • AIESEC UK, Incoming exchange iGIP Team Member
  • Gawad Kalinga, Cultural Entertainment Team

My first year in UK has been an enjoyable experience. With heartfelt sincerity, I would like to give thanks to the many seniors who have provided me with guidance and advice, and also many of my fellow Singaporean peers who provided much of the support and excitement during my year there. I hope by serving in the UKSSC, I am able to pass on much of my knowledge and advice to fellow students in the UK.

I believe that all committee members should be contactable and offer help and assistance to members in need. In a way, UKSSC is not just a networking society but also a platform for them to find out more about the opportunities in UK and support group for Singaporean Students in place of their family. This is why I would like to run for the position, as I feel that I can empathize and serve the community with my experience of studying in UK

Studying overseas for one year has been an eye-opening and enriching experience for me. During the break last December, I have traveled to 9 different states in 7 countries, being Amsterdam, Belgium, Paris, Salzberg, Geneva, Berlin, Rome, Florence and Prague. The landscape and magnificent scenery is truly one that is well worth spending the time and effort travelling to. These unforgettable experiences made me feel obliged to share my wondrous adventures to fellow Singaporeans and to help them make full use of their time in UK.


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Sia Zong Xi

Studying at King’s College London (Year 1)
Position General Treasurer
Current commitments
  • Nil
Past commitments
  • SAF Ammunition Command, Instructor
  • ACS (International) Tchoukball, Captain
  • ACS (International) Football, Captain
  • ACS (International) Student Council (Vice-president)
  • ACS (International) Orientation, Camp Commandant
  • Singapore Red Cross, Volunteer

Having held many different positions in multiple environments and societies, I believe that the post of Treasurer is a challenge I am ready to undertake. Understandably, this job will require dedication, focus and steadfastness, all three characteristics of which I believe I possess and will display if given the chance to be the treasurer of the UKSSC.

My experience in leadership roles throughout school and National Service has allowed me certain insights into handling accounts, albeit on a much smaller scale than the UKSSC Treasurer post will entail. These insights and experiences have helped me to broaden my perspectives on many issues and thus I believe that I have what it takes to be responsible and accountable for the UKSSC accounts and also provide feedback and suggestions to improve the direction the UKSSC is headed in.

One always has to have an aim when undertaking a new role and my aim as the Treasurer is to ensure that the accounts for the UKSSC are in the best shape possible, not just for myself but to easily facilitate in any handing over process to the next treasurer. Furthermore, I hope to be able to make funds as readily available to viable functions and projects that Singapore Societies from different Universities want to organise to create a more cohesive environment for the Singaporean students in the UK.

Finally and most importantly, I hope to be able to play a part in ensuring that the UKSSC is able to be a society that creates a home away from home for the Singaporean Students abroad through the means of different events or gatherings 


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Lionel Lieu Lue Yean

Studying at University of Manchester (Year 1)
Position  Sponsorship Director
Current commitments
  • Nil
Past commitments
  • ACS (International) Football, Vice Captain
  • ACS (International) Tchoukball, Vice President
  • AKLTGIAG Camp, Coach and Assistant Programme Director
  • Being proactive in finding sponsorship opportunities
  • Be an effective point of contact for all sponsorship related initiatives with regards to the UKSSC
  • Ensure regular maintenance of sponsorship documents
  • Maintain a healthy relationship between the UKSSC and sponsors
    1. Ensuring sponsorship packages are event-specific for all sponsors
    2. Ensuring contracts are signed with confirmed sponsors
    3. Ensuring both the UKSSC and sponsors follow through with their own respective commitments to the other party
    4. Keeping in touch with sponsors regularly to develop a healthy partnership


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Amanda Ng Si Ying
Studying at London School of Economics
Position Regional Director (ASOs)
Current commitments
  • Victorians In Europe, Creative Director
Past commitments
  • Drama Society (VJC), Secretary
  • VJC, Orientation Group Leader
  • VJC, Team Leader, Vietnam Overseas Community Involvement Programme
  • VJC, Peer Support Leader

Fostering stronger relationships between the ASOs and the UKSSC

– Serve as an active point of contact and effectively relay the organisations’ needs and concerns to the UKSSC

– Promote greater collaboration between the ASOs and the UKSSC

Facilitate communication between the ASOs

– Encourage more joint events between the various organisations so that they can pool their resources which will enable them to organise more small scale events for their members

– Assist in the planning and execution of such events

– Provide regular updates on other societies’ events to prevent any potential clashes

– Organise Regional Leaders’ Meetings to enable ASO leaders to network and learn from each other’s experiences

Reaching out to polytechnic and local university exchange students

– Conducting talks in local polytechnics to provide more information about applying to UK universities and life in the UK etc

– Reaching out to students from local universities coming over to the UK for exchange programmes and link them up with their respective alumni organisations/Singsocs

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Belinda Chen-Yi Hu

Studying at King’s College London (Year 1)
Position Regional Director (Greater London)
Current commitments
  • KCL Singapore Society, Events Director
Past commitments
  • Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, School Ambassador, Peer Leader and Class Representative
  • West View Primary School, Head Prefect
  • Bring back tradition of Captain’s Ball League
    • Great way for all SingSoc members to meet each other
    • Promote greater interactions, thus strengthening our Singapore support system
  • Initiate the London Series
    • As a representative of all Greater London schools, I will make contact with all Singapore top JCs and Polytechnics to arrange for a platform for Greater London schools to reach out to prospective students
    • Each school to send out a representative to elaborate more on their schools and share their experiences
    • Proposing this London Series because I felt most of the reach-out events have been sporadic and sparse. I believe prospective students and SingSocs alike will benefit greatly from this, and thus see the need to centralize this initiation.
    • By centralizing the reaching-out events under London Series, it prevents duplication of resources and manpower as well.
  • Encourage collaborations and communication
    • Although there are already collaborations between SingSocs, I will encourage more of such initiatives
    • At the same time, I will continuously prompt communication between the societies. This is to ensure satisfactory attendance and prevent unnecessary inconveniences. For example, by keeping a constantly up-to-date events calendar to prevent clashes.
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Natasha Ten Huiwen

Studying at University of Kent (Year 2)
Position Regional Director (The South)
Current commitments
  • University of Kent Singapore Society, President
Past commitments
  • University of Kent Singsoc, Treasurer
  • ACS (International), Council Delegate
  • ACS (International), House Prefect (Cultural)
  • ACS (International) Student Council, Student Councillor

Coming from a Singapore society that is very new and small, I feel the strong need for the presence of UKSSC throughout the UK to allow these small societies to have a raised profile. Therefore, I will work hard to be able to act as the bridge not only between the societies within the South, but also to the other parts of the UK.

  • With my previous experience as the Treasurer at the Singapore Society of Kent in 14/15 and the President in 15/16, I want to step up and give more to the Singaporean community and become regional director of the south of UK.
  • I will be in constant communication with the representatives of the partner societies within the south, so as to know their interests and needs to be relayed to other members of the UKSSC.
  • I will also do my best to be an effective point of contact within the southern region of the UK and broadcast any information that they would need to know
  • I also want to help and unite the partner societies with collaborations between other societies not only in the south, but the rest of the UK
  • With the experience of being a student councillor, I was able to organize events to help the students of my school, and forge ties between the students. I wish to do the same between other societies and Singaporeans around the UK.
  • I would also want to cultivate a strong Singaporean community and a strong sense of belonging
  • I will make sure that there is no Singaporean society left out in the events of UKSSC

I believe that I will be able to be a good regional director in the Southern region of the UK, and I will do my best to do whatever I can to aid not only the UKSSC, but also other partner societies.

Thank you! 🙂


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Nicole Chua Ying Ling

Studying at University of St Andrews (Year 3)
Position Regional Director (Scotland)
Current commitments
  • ACS (International Alumni Committee), Executive Committee
Past commitments
  • St Andrews Singapore Society, President
  • SMSUK Med(UK)ted Camp, OGL
  • ACS (International) Tchoukball, Captain
  • ACS (International) TCT House, Vice Captain​

Hello everyone, my name is Nicole Chua and I’m running for the position of Regional Director (Scotland).

Scotland has been my home for the last three years, and our small and very warm Singaporean community has become an integral part of my student life. Over the years, I have become familiar both as a participant and an organizer in Regional events, both in Singapore and Scotland. I feel my experience has given me a clear perspective of the demands of our community and its administration.

Furthermore, as the former President of the Singapore Society in St. Andrews, I have experienced first hand the impact that the UKSSC and the regional director can have on our Scottish Singaporean Community.

My main aim as Regional Director is to cultivate interaction and foster the community spirit among the Scottish societies. This has already been introduced by previous RDs, and I feel that our inter-society cooperation can be further developed and improved on.

I would also like to introduce some events like joint orientation and the resumption of exchange visits between Scottish universities/cities that I hope will further strengthen and reinforce the existing bonds between the Scottish societies.

As for our current events, namely the annual Summer Ceilidh and the inaugural highland trip, I would like to build on their successes and evolve into a more cohesive community as a region and the rest of the UK

I also feel that we can develop a greater Scottish presence at UK wide events. For example, for the first time this year, we will have a Scottish team at the Warwick Summer Games. This is a great achievement, and I want to build on it next year by increasing our participation to more sports and games, and possibly target medals for certain events.

In my prior role as president of my university’s Singapore society, which also involved communicating and working with other Scottish partner societies, I am confident in my abilities to represent Scotland’s Singaporean community as regional director. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to serve you so that together we can look forward to a fantastic year.


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