By-Elections Results

By-Elections Results Announcement:

A big thank you to all applicants for the positions of Regional Director (Midlands) and Regional Director (the North) and relevant Partner Societies for participating in the online voting process. With your prompt responses, the By-Elections was carried out efficiently through the past few weeks.

Without further ado, we are pleased to announce the complete 18th Executive Committee of the UKSSC (who will take over in November):

President: Gary Chew
Vice-President (SGL): Ing Yee
Vice-President (MNS): Leonard Lee
General Secretary: Angelina Yu
General Treasurer: Sia Zong Xi
Sponsorship Director: Lionel Liew
Regional Director (ASO): Amanda Ng
Regional Director (Greater London): Belinda Chen
Regional Director (The South): Natasha Ten
Regional Director (Scotland): Nicole Chua
Regional Director (North): Yasmine Wong (Newly Elected)
Regional Director (Midlands): Springsfield Ong (Newly Elected)

The UKSSC would like to offer our genuine appreciation and gratitude to all applicants for stepping up and initiating responsibility. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours and hope that you will continue to support and stay involved with our upcoming events!