The UKSSC Initiatives


Welcome to the United Kingdom -Singapore Students Council’s website! 

Formed in August 1998, the United Kingdom-Singapore Students’ Council (UKSSC) is an independent, student-led organisation that aims to create a bona fide Singapore student community across the United Kingdom.

The UKSSC organises various events in order to build an integrated Singaporean Student community across the UK, despite facing geographical separation. We envision this integration amongst Partner Societies as the next level of excellence that we can collectively strive for. These initiatives greatly assist our Partner Societies in their activities. For smaller or newer Partner Societies, such initiatives allow them to raise the profile, and even link up with their other regional neighbours to organise joint events. The 4 key events/initiatives are:

Regional Leader Meetings

These series of informal gatherings organised by The UKSSC is a networking platform for student leaders and representatives within each region to meet up, provide updates on each others’ society activities and exchange ideas. It is also a platform for forging new collaborative partnerships such as joint events.

Annual Dinner and Dance (Spring, UK)

The UKSSC Dinner and Dance, our flagship social event, sees Singaporean Student Leaders across the UK gather for a glamorous evening of fine dining and networking.

Pre-University Talks (Summer, Singapore)

The UKSSC holds a series of information sharing sessions in various Junior Colleges and Polytechnics. As more students are keen to undertake an overseas education, these talks seek to raise awareness of the options available for a UK university education as well as boost students’ aspirations.

Singaporeans in Conversation (Summer, Singapore)

An initiative of The UKSSC, SGin(C) is an intimate dialogue session with influential Singaporean leaders involving undergraduates from the UK, China, US and Singapore.